Thank you for your interest in obtaining a quality Beardie puppy from Brandmar.  Please complete the following information and click send when you are done  This questionnaire is intended to protect the dog and the buyer in three ways:  finding a suitable and permanent home for my puppies, match making to make sure I get the right puppy into the right home, and to identify areas where more breed information is needed.
Preferences:        Male  Female  No Preference
Show Quality    Pet Quality
If interested in obtaining a pet quality puppy, do you have any problems with the fact that I require a mandatory spay/neuter agreement as part of the sales contract, and you agree to have this procedure done before the dog is one (1) year of age?
If yes, please explain why:
Number of children and ages at home:
Other pets at home (describe kind, sex, specify if altered):
Do you have fenced yard that is secure?
What type of fencing do you have and what is the approximate height of your fence?
Briefly describe your family and lifestyle:
As a puppy requires a lot of time to care for it properly in the beginning, is someone home during the day to provide companionship, lunch time feedings, and outside time for the puppy?
If no, do you work
close enough to home to check in during the day to take care of the puppy’s needs?
Are you aware of the grooming requirements and dedication to keep a Beardie in coat?
Have you ever owned a Bearded Collie before?
If yes, how long ago:
What attracted you to Beardies?
Are you willing to complete a basic Puppy Obedience or Socialization Class in your area to maximize the enjoyment that basic training provides with your new puppy?

Please furnish us with the name, address, and phone number of your current vet or the one you intend to use for
your new puppy.



Thank you for your time in completing this form and for your interest in obtaining a puppy from me.

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